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Welcome Home Fuzzball

This is a guest entry by Tricialiciousness. We found Fuzzball at my apartment complex about a year and a half ago, fall of 2014, as a tiny little kitty fuzball. I am certainly not a cat person, but it was kind of love at first sight. I started feeding the little guy every few days, and he quickly learned my "kissy sound" and would come meowing from afar when he heard me. We had talked about bringing him home for months, but the timing just didn't seem right and I wasn't sure if he would really pick me to be his.

Just before the 2015 holidays some new kitties appeared at the apartment under Fuzzball's dumpster. Being the runt himself, he was not fairing well. We decided it was now or never for him and of course, never was not an option. So on Monday, January 25, 2016 we caught him and brought him home in a live trap.


We took him for a wellness check at the vet the next day and he is healthy and ready to go.

He is looking much better! A handsome little ball of fuzz! We are still getting used to each other. We are both fraidy cats. Kindred spirits you might say. I think we need each other.