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Problem Statement

I want to get away from crumpling aluminum foil over unmated KF flanges. It looks nasty and sometimes it falls off anyway. I want to 3D print dust caps but I only want to have to plug in a single caliper reading of the diamater of the flange.


OpenSCAD Exported Model(KF-25)

I wrote an OpenSCAD script that prints exactly 5 layers and 2 perimeters on Heatsync's ultimaker 3D printer. All dimensions are in mm.

height = 5;
thickness = 0.6;
wallThick = 1.17;
Fit = 0.25;
insideDiameter = flangeOD + Fit;

cylinder(h=height, r=((insideDiameter/2)+wallThick), $fn=100);
cylinder(h=(height-thickness), r=insideDiameter/2, $fn=100);

Ultimaker PLA Results

Works like a charm!