V222 V959 808 bracket

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Problem Statement

I have V959 with a V222 control board. It has a payload mounting bracket that I want to use to hold an 808 key chain camera for DVR (video recording) and FPV (first person view).


I used a flatbed scanner to scan the bubble attachment that came with the quad. I used Corel Draw to trace the curves and brought the curves into Solid Works where I created the 3D mounting features.

I Removed the 808 key chain camera from its case to save weight and expose mounting holes. The mounting holes appear to have been added in whatever areas of the board were available, which is to say randomly and haphazardly. Instead of attempting to measure with enough precision to mate, I scanned the PCB on a flatbed scanned and used Corel Draw to trace the features. I then brought the curves into Solid Works and created a structure that would mount the V959 bracket to the holes in the PCB.


The structure was printed on Heatsync Labs' Ultimaker 3D printer. First I printed a simple plate to test the payload bracket, and then I printed the version with the extra arms for attaching to the PCB. I used the same screws from the key chain camera case to mount to the print.

The design worked but required tweaking because the long arm impacts the landing struts of the craft. A dremel was used to file a bevel into the arm so that it would just fit. This seems to work very well and it has survived a multitude of crashes with no problems. I also had to print the standoffs separately and super glue them on because I did not wish to use support material because I was lazy and lacked confidence in my design.

I posted the design on Thingiverse so that others could benefit. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:323881